Friday, April 04, 2008


I feel like I'm 10 years old again! They're Back!!!!!!!

Donnie, Jordan, Jonathan, Danny and Joey!!!!!

Too bad I threw out all of that memorabilia about 15 years ago...thought I'd gotten too old for it. Heh.

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pgNew Kids on The Block are the bomb....I have been a fan and fanatic since I was a teenager. I am upset and frustrated of the exploitation for personal gain concerning ticket sales for concerts and events.
I am angry that people in different areas and countries can buy tickets and then sell them for personal gain...I am willing to pay big bucks for a concert of my favorite band, but I feel I should be able to choose and control the terms and conditions and not the opportunistic materialists who buy these tickets who don't even appreciate the music/band.
I am proposing that we start a petition stopping these people from making a profit, and taking away chances for the true music lovers and fans of artists and performers.
Why should I have to buy two tickets at $600 a shot ($1200 total) when I know full well that these "scalpers' have paid $80. I am probably the most worthy and deserving person who merits a front row ticket.
I am a Music Educator who is tall, blonde, and classy but someone who will not sacrifice my principles for the sake and personal gain of these concert leeches....Why don't they get a real job, instead of preying on the hard-working people who scrimp and save to get prime tickets.
If anyone else agrees with me....please sign my guestbook or e-mail me....
one ticked off Music Lover/Enthusiast/ Supporter